Organism & Protein interaction network:

* In the current version of CEA, only Yeast SGD protein ID and Mouse UniProt protein ID are accepted

Confident proteins:

*one protein per line

Indiscernible protein groups (optional):

* one indiscernible protein group per line, and the members in a group should be separated by tab

Non-confident proteins:

Accuracy requirement[0-1]:

  • Confident protein:
    A protein that is confidently identified based on the experimental data.

  • Indiscernible protein group:
    A group of proteins that can not be distinguished based on the experimental data (i.e. they share the same set of identified peptides), but there is at least one confident protein in the group.

  • Non-confident protein:
    A protein that has limited experimental supporting evidence. Non-confident but possible proteins will be processed by CEA to highlight proteins that merit rescue from elimination.