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Congratulations to Jason on passing his Master's thesis defense! 
Qi's paper Integrative omics analysis reveals post-transcriptionally enhanced protective host response in colorectal cancers with microsatellite instability has been published in the Journal of Proteome Research. The paper introduces a resampling-based regression method that integrates transcriptomic and proteomic datasets to accurately identify genes subject to differential post-transcriptional regulation. Applying the method to the TCGA colorectal tumors revealed post-transcriptionally innitiated protective host response in cancers with microsatellite instability.  
Xiaojing's paper proBAMsuite, a bioinformatics framework for genome-based representation and analysis of proteomics data has been published in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (MCP). This paper introduces protein BAM (proBAM), a new file format for organizing peptide spectrum matches (PSMs) within the context of the genome. The proBAMsuite includes two R packages, proBAMr and proBAMtools, for generating and analyzing proBAM files, respectively. The study demonstrated the utility of the proBAMsuite in facilitating efficient genome-based sharing, interpretation and integration of proteomics and proteogenomics data. 
Matt received the 2015 DBMI Research Staff Excellence Award. Congratulations!
Junhui Shen M.S. joined the group as a visiting scholar. Junhui is an Associate Professor at the Information Center of the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Welcome to the group!
QCB student Mary Benton joined the group for a research rotation. Welcome, Mary!
MSTP student Patrick Wu joined the group for a research rotation.
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